The Smart Office service is a complete unified communications solution in one package. It covers all telecommunications and digitalisation of your everyday business. The purpose and goal of the Smart Office is increase work efficiency, monitor progress, communicate without limitations, keep in control from anywhere. The way we built the Smart Office is unique. It is fully customised depending on your business needs and abilities. It is a very personal composed service, and will give you the following benefits for your business:

With VoIP you can,

  • Turn any internet connection into your own Hot Desk. Call from your number on any smart device, anywhere.

  • Virtual Office availability. We can work for your business out of your working hours.

  • Our hosted contact centre solutions let you focus on building your core business.

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and on-hold voiceover are highly recommended services for your busy employees.

  • Music production is also available to all Smart Office customers. 

Alongside a great Smart Office, a full-service management is available as part of our all-in-one service for your peace of mind. This gives you the time and energy not only to focus on your business development but also makes it more efficient.

With Smart Office you are able to combine lots of services within one contract. That will give you unlimited UK landlines and UK mobile calls (subject to fair usage). Voice messaging with voicemail to email. We offer unlimited levels of auto attendant.

Business Mobile is part of the Smart Office as well. With our application, not only serves you the regular instant messaging and presence but video calling too. You will have full control over the Mobile applications from a self-service portal.


We also provide you with a powerful unified communication software suite, which allows users a high level of integration, communication and collaboration with their VoIP phone system. Businesses will have a 24/7 network monitoring and Service Assurance Portal, as it is End-to-end service.

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It enables employees to better communicate and collaborate with colleagues despite the location they are at. Employees will be able to be in touch with customers and partners and be aware of their needs 24/7. You will be able to access the Smart Office portal from anywhere.

Because it is important for you to monitor activities, follow up with your employees and being updated at all times, with Smart Office, you’ll never miss a call and your customers will always get answered no matter of your physical location.

How Does VoIP Work
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Call quality is paramount, which is the reason why we offer dedicated voice over Broadband and Ethernet circuits, for much more reliable and more secure connection.


We help getting your own Broadband by leasing a line as part of the Smart Office package if desired. This service is one of the best solutions if your business has multiple sites to ensure maximum call quality securely linked by our Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Be reachable anytime, anywhere with single number access to all your devices and access to applications just as though you were in the office. You can quickly scale your business to add new users and offices around the globe with a consistent feature set for all. With this, you can stay up-to-date with the latest features without additional capital investments or significant IT involvement.


Our cloud-based phone system is fully enterprise featured with no need for dedicated hardware.


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