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Challenges for Small and Medium businesses

A Magic Wand to Grant Me Three Wishes for My Business

As a small/medium business owner there is a daily struggle on how to put out every fire with one blow, especially when you cannot be everywhere all at once, to break it down further each day there’s a war to be won with many small battles namely:

• Communication ON THE GO

• Let’s DO a lot MORE with a lot LESS

• Who can I Rely upon to get this Done

What if we tell you, we have a magic wand to grant you these three wishes you still have to do the rest of it yourself. But, without having to worry about the support elements of your business you can focus at building and growing it much ease.Yes! that’s possible through a wand called ‘VoIP for Business’ imagine lack of communication and even more so, TIMELY communication at the centre on every day to day business situation and how much it will cost your business now and tomorrow. Now, we take each of the problems and show you how VoIP is the answer:

Communication ON THE GO: VoIP gives you the free

dom the liberty the flexibility to take your office anywhere with you, meaning you have to be at site all day today and still have meetings to conduct and follow up on other correspondences you can do it all from a remote location You are reachable anytime anywhere no through email or through texts but as if you were ACTUALLY there, with video conference calls even in the middle of nowhere ON THE GO.

Let’s DO a lot MORE with a lot LESS: The first thing that comes to mind with this efficiency is savings, with VoIP it’s not even fair to do cost comparisons with landlines as the amount you save on local and international communication is a fraction of what you pay otherwise. But, that’s not what you should be excited about so you saved a huge chunk of money on your expenses great.What’s

even greater is the money you saved with VoIP it also lets you invest it in your business to grow it further and that’s the true meaning efficiency not to save but to grow.

How this happens, VoIP lets you integrate all modes of communication this ‘Sync’ is like a dream you get your calls on your laptop on your mobile and your VoIP device all at once for you to answer where you can. So, you won’t miss that one important call from your client saying YES, or a notification from your supplier or from your staff asking your guidance to resolve a situation all of these things can cost you your business and if addressed timely they can help it grow. So, it’s not just saving VoIP it’s truly an investment as well.

Who can I Rely upon to get this Done: More often than not reliability itself truly relies on ‘being in touch’ and ‘staying in touch’ this can only be achieved with a ROBUST network the one that can really stand the test of feisty weather conditions and location constraints such as lack of signals etc. Providing there is an internet connection, VoIP will run smoothly, allowing for faultless networking regardless of the environment that it is taking place within. VoIP is incredibly reliable, and does not carry the risks of a faulty connection that landlines can often have when working in certain conditions.

Well there you have it, what’s standing between you and the magic wand is you, order yours now.

Read more about VoIP services as part of our Smart Office Plan unified communication service.

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