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Business Requirements First

One size never fits all specially when it comes to Data requirements. Therefore, we work with you to tailor a customised solution based on your business model and processes.


We start by understanding the critical areas of your business function, where you would mark data Speed and connectivity to be critical to business.


We have a wide range of broadband options available: ADSL2+ and Fibre (FTTC & FTTP) with speeds of up to 330Mbps. If you are a small office or a large, if you need the internet for all kinds of communication but few employees, low data transfer over internet, then a broadband should be sufficient for your business.


However, there are always a downside which can occur, such as downtimes based on technical undergoing maintenances by networks, or slower internet because you share the line with the rest of the offices/houses in your area. If that would affect your business, then you should consider a leased line.

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Leased line

Dedicated and leased lines offer guaranteed speeds of up to 10Gbps and guaranteed uptime. Our fully managed solutions look after your connectivity and let you focus on managing your business smoothly.

The services and features provided with leased lines are not only about speed, but also about security, independency and stronger privacy authentications for your whole firm. You will receive:

  • Static IPs: this is an important feature for your business as private identification and you can ensure that your IP address is not shared with any malicious activities carried by unknown users. Moreover, it gives a healthier receptive for your emails to other parties without being sent to spam inbox. Especially if you send newsletters.

  • Wide range of routers and firewalls: we provide your premises with best routers to cover all your business connectivity. Our team will make sure the internet is spread throughout the area and covered by the relative firewalls to protect your business. That also gives your business the choice of blocking and eliminating any undesired content.

  • Integration with and installation of security hardware including CCTV and secure door entry. See SMART SIM.

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