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We grew up with our customers from day one and it has been a wonderful journey. 

Fone World starts as a little mobile shop on Leicester Road in Salford with a small team. We have grown all together with our customers to a company that serves in multiple cities and thousands of customers.

We take pride in our achievements through the years and looking forward to more to come. 


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Ten years ago, entrepreneur Martin Heiman identified a gap in the market. His dream was to allow business owners to be contactable anywhere in the world without hassle. Since then, Fone World has helped business owners stay connected through business mobile services, IoT, leased lines and VoIP. But those are just the means to an end. What really motivates us is our desire to give you, and those around you, complete peace of mind. Whether it’s you, your staff or your clients, we want everyone to enjoy the serenity that they need to achieve their goals.

At Fone World, we realise that there’s more than one path to that destination. Every business has its own requirements, and we want yours to be met adequately. And yes, we truly believe that your requirements can be met adequately, however challenging they are. Because positivity is another value that makes Fone World tick. Whatever your needs are, we will work with you to find the best bespoke solution for your business.

But it doesn’t end after the solution is in place. When we talk about peace of mind, we mean it. Thanks to our ongoing support system, you can do what you do best without worrying about problems. A responsive case manager is always available to troubleshoot issues. Usually these fixes can be fixed permanently, so the problem doesn’t recur.

To use Fone World is to become part of a family. Here, your success is our success. Here, you become part of our story. Fair deals, tailor-made solutions and excellent service are our way of being part of your story. It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’.

Reach out to us today to see how we can help your business stay connected.


We've Gone Green

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Green isn’t just a nice font colour for our logo; it’s reflective of our choice to put the world around us before everything else. With that aim in mind, we are working towards going completely paper-free by April 2020. In addition, we’ve begun restoring old devices to be resold like new.

You can be part of this effort too. Contact us or bring your old devices to our headquarters to have them recycled for someone else to enjoy.

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